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This map is for the latest version of Warcraft III.


Upcoming Update~

06/04/2013 00:00
Hello Warriors theres an upcoming big update of my map, a new version project code name "The New...


Hasty Gloves

  Description:                 Provides extra attack speed and increases the attributes. Gains: (Basic) +15% AS + 2 All Attributes (Plus) +15% AS + 2 All Attributes + 3 Agi/Int/Str...

Accel Boots / Accel Boots Plus

Description:                 Provides extra movement speed and increases the attributes. Gains: (Basic) +50 MS + 2 All Attributes (Plus) +50 MS + 2 All Attributes + 3 Agi/Int/Str (Optional)*   Build: Attributes Gem...

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